Part of the renowned Geahchan Group, InOut_ represents a revolutionary and innovative industrial design philosophy. Whatever your design needs, we stand out in providing you with the best solutions you require to live your dream in the comfort of your home. Comfort is what you aspire for and that is why we help populating your space with inspiring items. From different renowned brands, we present our customers with high end furniture and accessories.

Our approach is clear: We look to satisfy our client’s craving for real craftsmanship and avant-garde design concepts. Through a unique collection of masterpieces displayed in its showroom, InOut_ is able to surpass the visitors’ expectations and reinforce innovative lifestyles based on passion for inspiring and smart creations.

Our showroom is where you will find yourself. We have developed a sense of passion to the brands we represent and through this we deliver excellent service to our discerning clientele. InOut_ team will be ready to help you make the right choices to create your dream space.